Abhranil neogy


Abhranil_NeogyA passionate entrepreneur since childhood who was dreaming about to be the best CEO of India as well as in the entire world, born in Calcutta in the year 1991 on a friday night. Executed schooling chapter in 2010, then started his technological career from JIS College of Engineering. Even after sucessfully completing his BCA in 2013, he never got that pinch which could make him happy in his life, as he dreamt to be a successful entrepreneur.

Hence, he changed his way of life in Business Management. Along with his studies in 2014, he tried to start his small baby child “CODEXITE”, but his initiative was in vain as he was a complete novice in the field of business. But he never flee away from the frightening mode of failure. He again accumulated his all bravery to start his venture with his childhood friend Mr. Jit Ghosh in 2015.

With one client depicted as ‘SHADOWINE MEDIA’ he started his journey in November 2015, and within an year CODEXITE has gained 100+ clients around the globe.

Within an year his CODEXITE has featured in TIMES OF INDIA STARTUPS

His journey has just begun…