We listen

We have experienced that to create an engaging and appropriate video for any organization or a person one need to understand the purpose of the video in great details. Any mistake from our end in understanding the client’s basic intentions to create the video may lead to a communication gap ending up in a mess. So our first step towards creation of a video is to get clear and precise information from client’s end. We prefer to get form of creative brief filled by the client.

We sit for brainstorm sessions

Once we are clear about the basics of the video, we start brainstorming sessions to write an effective and interesting script for the video. The script is then sent to the client for approval. After additions and alterations when the script is ready, we send it to the voiceover artist for recording. Of course before that we send voiceover samples to the client and let him/her choose the favored voice and accent.

We visualize and sketch

The next stage is visualizing and sketching rough panels to create a storyboard with voiceover synchronization and instruction for the animator. This stage also goes through tweaks and final approval from client.

We create the digital graphics

Once the storyboard is with us, our artists create the digital graphics as per the client’s chosen style and technique.

We  animate

Our artists start animating the video once the voiceover and approved graphics are ready with us. After the animation, now its time to edit the video with background score and folly sounds. Background scores are sometimes chosen by the client. We are always open to such creative inputs from client’s end.

This way a video is created and delivered to the client in any preferred digital format.